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This is just the beginning of 
a new way to see your waste resource.

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Creative Waste Solutions: The movers, the innovators & the game changers in the world of waste.

Creative Waste Solutions is a waste management company based near Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire. We are driven by an experienced team developed by the industry’s leading players. We adopt industry-leading software used by many of our suppliers to seamlessly integrate our services. We identify and utilise the latest technologies to deliver truly innovative, circular solutions that optimise your resources and eradicate waste.

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How does waste management help my business?

Waste management isn’t merely a way to avoid financial penalties. It also yields real benefits for your business. 

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As the pressure mounts on businesses to be more sustainable, waste management practices allow businesses to meet rising expectations. Effective waste management will dramatically reduce the amount of waste produced.


Simplifying waste processed on-site helps workers to stay productive. Clear signage and storage avoids confusion, and helps create more space for work activities. 


Less waste equals less money. Reducing and recycling materials comes with a much lower price tag that will save your business bucketloads when it comes to stock ordering. 

Our features & benefits

We'll be straight with you, we are a brokerage. We know the word has negative connotations but being a brokerage sets us apart in the waste industry. We have flexibility, buying power and economy of scale to create bespoke, definitive and cost-effective solutions. We look at the materials on-site and from there we can analyse your waste and commodities to create an effective solution for your business. Also, we are proud members of the Wood Recyclers' Association and ISO9001 (quality) and ISO14001 (environment) certified so you know you can trust our team and the way we operate as a business from start to finish. 

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✔️  Audited supply chain
✔️  Outsourced sales & supply chain
✔️  50+ years of waste experience
✔️  Trial loads - Testing and analysis
✔️  One-stop waste solutions
✔️  Dedicated functions
✔️  Dedicated operations
✔️  Financial stability
✔️  Flexible payment terms

✔️  ISO 9001 & 14001 certified


1. Sustainable, reliable & compliant solutions
2. Extended arm to your business
 allowing you to focus on your operations
3. Trusted network with years of experience means we've seen it all!
4. We get the best market value for your waste & commodities - Saving money & time
5. All-encompassing waste management - No need to 'shop around'
6. Save working hours, 
improve carbon footprint etc
7. Consistent customer service

& real-time updates

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Our vision

Our vision is more than just virtue signalling. Our vision is something we are passionate about, held accountable to, and something we live and breathe by.


"We believe we have a duty to reduce our impact on our world, by continually creating solutions that ensure no resources are wasted."

We at Creative Waste Solutions are passionate about our ability to have a positive sustainability impact on the planet, by utilising our knowledge, experience and relationships to influence businesses to turn waste into a resource.

We do what we do because we absolutely BELIEVE we can implement solutions that actually impact positive environmental performance by fixing problems at a local scale and changing the behaviour of individuals.


Through doing so, we create a positive feedback effect through conversation and success. This allows us to become a catalyst for future action/contribution of individuals using our evidence-based approach to identifying the real problems and finding solutions that can be measured.

Meet the CWS team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our beliefs and drive to fix the real problems set us apart. The Creative Waste Solutions LTD dedicated team have a total of 50+ years of waste management experience with industry-leading brokers and the UK’s leading waste management businesses.

A list of our services...

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“Great overall service, with constant communication and great new ideas. Particularly with trader Mark O'Dell. This outlet so far has been brilliant, with competitive prices and a close location keeping haulage to a minimum. As well as, fast communication."


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Extensive partnerships to deliver the right solutions.

Our partnerships are far-reaching, enabling us to utilise local solutions as well as access household names in the waste and recycling market.

As a result, we deliver social, environmental, and economic benefits. We develop collaborative relationships with companies who have shown investment in new technologies to deliver environmental performance and cost-saving efficiencies.

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So, where to next?

Contact us today

We want to hear from you, whether it is questions, an overview of your requirements, chatting over a coffee, picking our brains or receiving a free waste management audit – The Creative Waste Solutions team is here to help!

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Thank you for your message!

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Saleswoman in Boutique Store

Our Blog

Improving your green footprint means taking steps to reduce your environmental impact and promote sustainability. Take a look at our informative blog and discover new ways to be more eco-friendly and even save your business some money.

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