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Commodities Trading

Utilising our commercial trading expertise, our knowledge of the commodities market combined with our partnership network allows us to ensure you benefit from economies of scale, from bulk volumes to more frequent ‘milk round’ style collections.


It's quite simple really, we will increase your commodity revenue.

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Our working process

At Creative Waste Solutions, we provide sustainable, innovative and efficient waste solutions to meet our customers' needs. Ultimately, our primary aim is to create a simple and seamless process for our customers in Milton Keynes and nationally.


Identify a need that requires change.


Propose a solution using knowledge & experience.


Implement and manage the roll out.


Continue to maintain efficiency & cost savings.

How does waste management help my business?

Waste management isn’t merely a way to avoid financial penalties. It also yields real benefits for your business. 

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As the pressure mounts on businesses to be more sustainable, waste management practices allow businesses to meet rising expectations. Effective waste management will dramatically reduce the amount of waste produced. It can also help companies to reach new heights of recycling, and display a cleaner supply chain. 


Simplifying waste processed on-site helps workers to stay productive. Clear signage and storage avoids confusion, and helps create more space for work activities. The reduction of waste may also force businesses to develop stricter packaging procedures, which decrease the time spent on each task. 


Less waste equals less money. Reducing and recycling materials comes with a much lower price tag that will save your business bucketloads when it comes to stock ordering. Plus, you won’t be penalised and forced to pay a fine. 

“So brilliant to see the works to clear the old play equipment and flooring beginning over half term, ahead of the new equipment being installed in March. A huge thank you to CWS!"


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Check out our blog posts

Improving your green footprint means taking steps to reduce your environmental impact and promote sustainability. Take a look at our informative blog and discover new ways to be more eco-friendly and even save your business some money.

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