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pile of rubbish from site clearance in milton keynes by creative waste solutions with teal circle across it

Site Clearances: Everything you need to know

Commercial site clearance services with us

We provide commercial site clearance on a national scale. Our skilled team will go above and beyond to ensure your commercial site is cleared quickly, efficiently and safely.

Benefits of professional site clearance

Site clearance is an important part of every demolition or construction project. While you could undertake this challenge yourself, there are clear advantages to hiring a specialist team. We can provide the right equipment to move all waste safely. We will also dispose of the waste in the correct way, ensuring you stay on the right side of the law. Finally, professional site clearance is quick and efficient, so you can move forward with building work with minimal disruption.

piles of rubbish at site clearance in milton keynes uk

What is the purpose of Site Clearance?

huge rubbish site with the sun setting in the uk about to be cleared by creative waste solutions
Diggers on Construction Site

Getting rid of debris, equipment not in use and abandoned buildings is the main point of doing land clearance. The top surface of the soil which can not be built on if you are planning a construction project is also removed.

Everyone on the Creative Waste Solutions team understands the importance of protecting the environment and ecological system, so we all strive to carry out all our work in the most environmentally friendly way. We have the highest recycling rate for different wastes and process concrete, brick and other mixed soil materials into recycled products for reuse.

Why are site clearances so important?

Land clearance is important for safety reasons if your land is contaminated but also an effective way of preparing your land for new projects. To start construction efficiently, trained professionals should be used to fast-track your work. When you contact us at Creative Waste Solutions to work on your project, you get the right machinery and an efficient and environmentally conscious team with a wide range of skills for commercial and domestic clearance services.

What does the process of a site clearance include?

Before the actual clearance begins, experienced surveyors from Busters Group will assess your land and its conditions and prepare different project documents that will indicate the following:

icon of an orange clip board
  • Big risks for the project and mitigation actions

  • Ground conditions present on the land

  • The best effective methods for doing the work

  • Direction and order of waste removal

  • Identify potential environmental effects of the project and how to deal with them

  • Get all the necessary regulator paperwork

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We are family

We encourage each other,
challenge each other and we allow each other to make mistakes – together we learn, we better ourselves and above all we have fun.

We are transparent

Acting in the best interests of our customers and the environment, with honesty andintegrity. Demonstrating our performance with tangible results and accurate data.

We listen

We understand the needs of our customers, the challenges faced by the economy and the changing environment.

We are passionate

About the environment, about what we do, our people and our capability to be truly creative. Solving our customers challenges with a tenacious appetite for success.

We are accountable

For delivering the best solution, for our suppliers & partners and for any impact to costs, environment and impact to our planet. We deliver on our promises.

We are creative

Going above, around and beyond barriers to constantly evolve truly innovative environmental solutions.

What is it about Creative Waste Solutions?


Your site cleared in just a few clicks

  • 500+ truck network

  • Hassle-free booking in minutes

  • Same day response

  • 1-hour arrival windows

  • 98% landfill diversion

  • Experienced, friendly crews

  • Before/after junk photos

  • Full paperwork provided

Let's transform your site into a clean and safe blank canvas for your next project. Reach out to us today to arrange and book your site clearance and take the first step towards realizing your goals.

Let us help you create a space where possibilities can bloom. Contact us now to schedule your site clearance service and experience the difference in working with a reliable and efficient team. Talk to us today by clicking the button below:

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