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Local Authorities

With our expertise and relationships, we provide solutions that will enable your local authority waste management team to achieve competitive market rates and benefit from the economies of scale for waste treatment and waste-to-energy performance.

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white conveyor belt at waste processing plant in partnership with creative waste solutions ltd based in buckinghamshire near milton keynes
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Waste arisings

With tough targets, and market challenges our key ambition is to help our environment, getting the most out of your waste is more important than ever.
We will find the right processors to achieve landfill diversion, and waste-to-energy solutions to help you succeed.
We work with multiple authorities so we can help you benefit from economies of scale to achieve commercial gain share benefits.

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Commodities trading

Utilising our commercial trading expertise, our knowledge of the commodities market combined with our partner network allows us to ensure you benefit from economies of scale, from bulk volumes to more frequent ‘milk round’ style collections.
It's quite simple really, we will increase your commodity revenue.

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huge crushed packs of plastic bottles waiting to be recycled under blue skies for creative waste solutions as part of their commodities trading services
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huge pile or wooden desks and chairs waiting to be recycled and re used as part of the bulk waste and re use services by creative waste solutions ltd based near milton keynes in buckinghamshire
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Bulk waste and re-use consultancy

During these challenging times, there is a real cultural shift towards reuse and repair. Combine this with impending legislation on POP’s and you have a demand for businesses that can help you identify how to maximise the opportunity.
Having created digital bulky waste services and brought influential people together to implement bulky services that add social value, we have the experience to match your ambition.

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Technology & Innovation

We have experience developing digital technologies in the local authority market, from camera surveillance to web applications and artificial intelligence software.
In essence, we can and will access digital solutions that enhance your deliverables.

yard worker stands wearing orange gloves and high visibility jacket with ipad analysing recycling as part of creative waste solutions technology and innovation services in buckinghamshire and milton keynes
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